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Welcome to ARIS Helicopters

ARIS Helicopters has proudly served the helicopter industry since 1972, with over 50 years based in Northern California & Southern California. We specialize in precision external load operations, fire fighting, aerial construction and heavy lift projects, power pole and utility lines including communications survey and repair, law enforcement, frost control, seismic work, charter, motion picture support, including aerial cinematography and video production. Our operations are certified under the Federal Aviation Administration as a Part 133 (External Load Operations) 135 (On Demand Charter Operations) and 137 (Agricultural Operations).

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Our Aircraft

Our current fleet includes the following aircraft: 1 MD500D, 1 Bell 206B, MBB BO105, 2 Sikorsky S58Ts, and 1 Sikorsky HH52. We are also in the process of building an additional S-62 and S58T to add to our fleet.

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Our Pilots

All of our pilots are all certified with the U.S. Forest Service and Department of Justice and have thousands of hours in reconnaissance, surveillance, mountain flying, external load operations, fire suppression via retardant and water dropping, and are long line and short haul qualified.

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Area of Operations

ARIS Helicopters is currently based at Corona Airport in Southern California and Hollister Airport in Hollister, CA, however we can provide services anywhere in North America.

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Our maintenance team consists of 5 FAA certified and licensed airframe and power plant mechanics, 3 of which have an inspection authorization rating.

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Heavy Lift Operations

Our team of experienced ground crew and pilots work together to rig, lift and place items with amazing precision in just a matter of minutes. We can lift just about anything from HVAC equipment to the top of high rise buildings to spas into residential backyards, septic tanks, water tanks, automobiles, palm trees, communication poles, light poles, plane wrecks, cell cabinets, fencing material, etc.

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Aerial Fire Suppression

The S-58T carries the largest bucket of any helicopter in the medium class (420 gals vs. 325 for the Bell 212). It can fly faster and outperform the 212 at high density altitudes by a wide margin... sometimes double the load per turn. The 'T' has a larger internal capacity also (34.5 cubic feet). Because of its high clearance, it can land places that aircraft with skids cannot.

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Executive Transport

Our extensive training, skilled maintenance department, and dedication to customer satisfaction make ARIS Helicopters a leading choice for executive helicopter transport. We have a highly-trained staff who will ensure that every aspect of your flight is safe, comfortable, performed to the highest level of satisfaction. Please contact us today to let us know how we can help!

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Motion Pictures

ARIS Helicopters is proud to offer specially-modified Jet Ranger capable of fitting any camera mount and experienced pilots to help put you in the right spot to get the perfect shot! We have been involved with production support for many movies, music videos, TV shows, commercials, and electronic news gathering, and always ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

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